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What is an Ark and why do I need one?

The ark is a receptacle, or ornamental closet, which contains each synagogue's Torah scrolls.  Arks can be decorated in innumerable ways and come in many different sizes and shapes. While the ark can be made of any material, they are most commonly made of wood. The ark is opened only during special prayers and when removing the Torah to read during prayer services. It is customary to stand when the ark is opened.  The ark also serves as the focus for one’s prayers. 

During a Bar/Bat Mitzvah most families will honor special family members or close friends with the duty of opening or closing the ark.  Before the Torah is read, the doors to the ark are opened by one or a small group and the Torah is removed from the ark. This is considered a very holy moment. After the Torah is read, it is returned to the ark and its doors are closed. 



Just because you are considering having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah service in a location outside of a traditional synagogue does not mean you need to forgo the tradition of opening and closing of the ark!  We at TorahArk want you to be able to create the feel of tradition anywhere while still making your service truly your own.   


All our arks are carefully selected, one of a kind pieces, custom restored to create a beautiful backdrop for your service.  Our arks will fit our Torah or any standard Torah up to 54 inches tall.  Torah's rest comfortably supported in the upright position and are lit with interior lighting symbolizing the eternal light and allowing your service to take place anywhere, indoors or outside!  All of our arks have two doors so you can honor one or many loved ones with the duty of opening and closing the ark.  

The "Taylor" Ark

Exterior dimensions (Ark only): 48"w x 51"h

Ark on provided platform is approx. 70" tall so doors are at a comfortable height for opening while standing. 

Ark Interior dimensions 38"w x 41"h

The "Karen" Ark

Exterior dimensions: 31"w x 76"h

Ark Interior dimensions 29.5"w x 46"h

The "Joshua" Ark

Exterior dimensions: 31"w x 76"h

Ark Interior dimensions 29.5"w x 46"h




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